Series BL7000

Fast and accurate marking with maximum labeling field

Due to continuous development, the new BL7000 series is available with a variety of optimizations and recommended for demanding requirements. Thanks to the new design, the BL7000 has a very large inscription area with the smallest possible footprint of the machine.

The integrated control panel is ergonomically integrated into the cabin and allows intuitive operation of the machine. The ability to load the system with crane, increased the flexibility of this system.

This machine is equipped with CNC control and maintenance-free fiber laser, thus reducing maintenance costs. Equipped with a fully enclosed cabin laser protection class 1 is fulfilled. Therefore no additional cost for laser protection is necessary. The BL7000 series can also be equipped with alternate laser sources.

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Subject to technical changes.
 Laser type
UV laser
Green laser
Fibre laser
CO2 laser

 Wave length
355 nm
532 nm
1064 nm
10,6 μm

 Puls rate
10 - 200
10 - 200
20 - 200

3 - 8 W
10 - 20 W
10 - 100 W
10 - 50 W

 Inscription field
max. 680
x 680 mm
max. 730
x 730 mm 

CNC control

 System software
Windows 7

1.600 x 1.320 x 1.992 mm (L x W x H)

 Network connection

 HMI Interface
The control and programming software based on Windows 7 system software combines a modern look, decades of experience in the areas of engraving and marking and ensures intuitive and simple programming.

 Rotary table
Semi-automatic solutions can be realised. Loading/unloading times are reduced to almost zero.

 Indexing attachments
Allows the carrying out of rotative inscriptions. Different versions are available.

 Exhaust system
Powerful devices for extraction of organic and inorganic particles.

 Camera systems
As makeready or position recognition camera.

 Custom devices
To increase the efficiency of the equipment, optional custom devices can be delivered.

 Further options
• Sign magazine
• Software options
• Laser pointer
• Interfaces
• Varioscan
• Optics
• CNC axis
• Codification

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