Series BL3000

Compact, robust, reliable, these are the characteristics of the BL3000 series. A machine with simple and time-proven technology paired with the latest laser technology is available at an extremely attractive price. A large processing space increases the user’s flexibility.

All marking jobs can be carried out universally in all areas. As a laser source, all current laser types are available for this machine as well.

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Subject to technical changes.
 Laser type
UV laser
Green laser
Fibre laser
CO2 laser

 Wave length
355 nm
532 nm
1064 nm
10,6 μm

 Pulse rate
10 - 200
10 - 200
20 - 200

3 - 8 W
10 - 20 W
10 - 50 W
10 - 50 W

 Inscription area
max. 160
x 160 mm
max. 160
x 160 mm
 max. 300
x 300 mm

NC control

 System software
Windows 7

800 x 1,148 x 1,750 mm  (L x W x H)

 Network connection

 HMI Interface
The control software has deliberately been kept simple to facilitate the introduction of laser technology. Windows 7 as the system software ensures a trouble-free application and makes intuitive, simple programming possible.

Different versions make it possible to adapt inscription area and quality.

 Indexing attachments
Small and compact for circumferential inscriptions or marking of rotationally symmetrical parts.

 Barcode module
For easy and comfortable creation of codes and subsequent labeling of workpieces.

 Exhaust system
Powerful devices for extraction of organic and inorganic particles.

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