Series BL2000

The table laser Baublys BL2000 has a state of the art fiber laser with a long operating life available. It is equipped on a very compact space with the same effective technology as our industrial marking and engraving systems.

The Baublys system software is easy to operate, flexible and offers the optimal solution for top quality markings on different materials (plastics, composite materials, ceramics, metal and more) at best price/performace ratio.

BL2000 is maintenance-free and demands only an usual 230 volt outlet.

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Subject to technical changes.
 Laser type
Ytterbium fibre laser

 Wave length
1064 nm

 Pulse rate
20 – 200 kHz

10 – 100 W

 Inscription area
max. 180 x 180 mm

CNC control

 System software
Windows 7 / Windows 10

800 x 600 x 900 mm  (L x W x H)

 Network connection

 Possible applications
• synthetic materials
• surface finishing
• micro inscription
• deep inscription
• deep engraving
• colour change
• metals
• wood
• foils

 HMI Interface
Complete new designed and developed HMI-operating system with touch screen. Control and programming software is based on Windows 7 / Windows 10. Long standing experience in the application of engraving and marking ensures intuitive and simple programming.

 Professional sample holder
For professional positioning and calibration of the work piece.

 Exhaust system
Powerful device for extraction of fume and dust.

 Camera systems
Different camera systems according to the demands of customers application available.

 Optical characteristics
Different versions make it possible to adapt inscription areas and quality.

 Further options
•  Customized systems
•  Motorized sample
•  Software options
•  Interfaces holder